solar fan

Item No.: HX-F15
Solar Thermostatic Ventilator / Solar Attic Fan

Product Description:

  • The solar thermostatic ventilator is common used in all types of greenhouses and other small space. 
  • The solar fan needs to be assembled at the place where have enough sun. It is suitable for small space around 5-7 m³ or several sets can be used together to have a better ventilation and air exhaust.
  • It will convert solar energy into electrical energy to lead a fan twirl to meet the demand of small space’s automatic ventilation, air exhaust and cooling through setting up a working temperature by thermostat switch, temperature range 0-50 degrees.  
  • The solar fan including a solar photovoltaic cell panel, thermostat switch, directly current fan, aluminium shell.

Product Characteristic:

  •  Fully solar thermostatic control ventilation.
  •  Keeping air circulation.
  •  Cooling indoor temperature
  •  Give your plants optimum conditions
  •  No batteries or electricity required, save utility bill  
  •  High reliability, long uselife, easy assembly, automatic operation


Solar Fan / Thermostatic fan
Mounting: Roof fan
Voltage/Power: 12V/15W
Air Volume: 94CFM
Venting: 2.60CBM/minite
Materials: Aluminium, galvanized steel, plastic

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