PET panel greenhouse HXP65 series

Item No.: HXP65 series
Aluminum frame with PET plasctic panel
DIY with connector
Color: Dark green / Dark grey

1. Strong aluminum frame for minimal maintenance.
Frame color: Anodise / Grey / Green.

2. PET for covered material, has a good characteristic of preserving heat, impact resistance and flexural strength, which ensure durability for greenhouse.

3. Single door and Double doors can be choose

4.  2 / 4 roof windows for excellent ventilation.

5. Unique design ensures easier installation and DIY follow the detailed assembly Instructions attached.

6. Good quality connector to make the greenhouse can be extend to every sizes you need.

7. All 304 stainless steel  screws, nuts to prevent rust.

Standard sizes

Single sliding door:

Item No. Size (L*W*H) Section Roof Window
HXP65213 184x183x193cm (6'x6') 3 1
HXP65214 244x183x193cm (8'x6') 4 2
HXP65215 304x183x193cm (10'x6') 5 2
HXP65216 364x183x193cm (12'x6') 6 4

Double sliding doors:

Item No. Size (L*W*H) Section Roof Window
HXP65122 124x244x224cm (4'x8') 2 1
HXP65123 184x244x224cm (6'x8') 3 1
HXP65124 244x244x224cm (8'x8') 4 2
HXP65125 304x244x224cm (10'x8') 5 2
HXP65126 364x244x224cm (12'x8') 6 4
HXP65127 426x244x224cm (14'x8') 7 4
HXP65128 484x244x224cm (16'x8') 8 4

 additional length available increasing in approx 60cm intervals.
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